Local Spotlight // FILLO GREEK BAKE SHOP

We are into the start of October and with that I am on the search for, the perfect coffee spots and cafes, to whisk off to during the blustery months in Cincinnati, when I’m downtown for lunch, out for business, or looking for eats with the honey, Franz. I have been following the opening of FILLO, which is located in downtown, Cincinnati, Ohio, across the street from B&A, for sometime now on Instagram. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into the many layers of decadent sweets and savories, that FILLO, had been posting all over their social media accounts. The outdoor eating area at FILLO, and gorgeous sleek interiors, purely transports you straight into a European Cafe, with the sleek design, and a perfect place to try many many eats, and ALL the coffee drinks from their imported la Cimbali expresso machine. When you arrive at FILLO, walk up to the counter to order, your eyes will be delighted with rows of spinach and feta filled spanakotyropita, sweets, and a plethora of beautiful buttery layered delights, and what it seems to be a wonderful rotating menu. I always love places that tend to try different menus with the season, or just because they want to, let your freak flag fly when it comes to experimentation with flavors and menus. My favorite dessert in the entire city right now has to be their raspberry and caramel nests. YOU HAVE to experience these purely magical bites of holiday in your mouth. The fruit, the butter, the many layers of phyllo – which mind you, equal hours of labor to accomplish these ever so perfect bites, tastes like Christmas and home. This raspberry nest has to be the most magnificent pastry in the city right now. I am also completely in love with their several varieties of baklava, the spinach and feta fillo with a wonderful watermelon and cucumber salad, and goat cheese, as well as fresh herbs.

I am also digging the ciabatta sandwich, in this sammie FILLO places their crispy uncured bacon, melted sharp cheddar, two local fresh eggs, and sun dried tomato aioli. We will definitely be going back here, and will be making a tradition of going every Tuesday to start our week off with more than a couple sweet treats, and their warm honey oat latte (they are closed on Mondays). I love starting new traditions as a newlywed, and I loved that FILLO is going to be apart of our new traditions, as our meeting spot before Franz heads off to work at Fretboard, and before I had off to work at VADA GALLERY. Its important to take little moments to appreciate life and each other, and I found while living abroad how important taking those moments for yourself and for others really is. We have a bit of Europe in Cincinnati, and FILLO even imported their espresso machine all the way from Milan, Italy. Its pretty amazing being able to open a business, and have new experiences and tastes as a newlywed in a city such as Covington, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. These cities are full of art, full of culture, food, traditions new and old, and love. FILLO is definitely a new destination where love, attention to detail, importance in the vigor of life, food, family, and coffee come to mind. We are excited to venture back here on Tuesdays, with beautiful, fresh, spice filled aromas from across the ocean. Hope to see you there this Fall + Winter! ας φάμε!

More about FILLO – Harvested in Greece;
Baked fresh in Cincinnati.

“FILLO Greek Bake Shop embodies the simplistic beauty of authentic Greek pastries; a simple gathering of native ingredients nestled within layers of carefully crafted phyllo dough, baked to a myriad of delicious golden hues. We believe our journey must begin at the very place where these savory and sweet goods have been embraced by locals for centuries – Greece!”

Using the purest natural ingredients that burst to life under the Mediterranean sun, enriched by the fertile grounds and waters of Greece, our pastries are hand crafted with love and attention to the artisanal process of these delectable treats. We believe each bite honors the rich, simplistic flavors of our Greek heritage, and we proudly bring these flavors straight to Cincinnati.

FILLO Greek Bake Shop is your culinary journey to flavors and aromas of Greek cuisine.”

From THE FILLO official website – Click here to be directed.


1505 Race Street,
Cincinnati, OH 45202

(513) 873-1995



Tuesday 10am-6pm

Wednesday 10am-6pm

Thursday 10am-8pm

Friday 10am-8pm

Saturday 10am-8pm

Sunday 10am-6pm

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