UPDATE // Readers, I recently announced that I am working on a cookbook as an extension of my blog and life. Keep following VB in the CITY  and stay tuned for worldly eats and comforting southern sweets that really explain who I am through the recipes I create. 


Hello, my name is Virginia V. Blair and welcome to VB IN THE CITY! I am a downtown living, fashion loving, art obsessed, foodie fanatic, art dealing, turned writer. I started this Lifestyle blog a year after I graduated college. As an art historian and art dealer at  Dick Wallers Art Place ,  fashion + décor enthusiast, I have transformed my passions into a career. As the founder and editor-in-chief, this blog follows art, fashion, food, travel and bits and pieces of my life at home. Follow me on my artful journey traveling through life. Please check back for more bits of wonderful as the blog is updated daily.  

A bit more about me…



As well as being the Founder and Editor of this blog (and loving every minute of it), I am an art dealer, historian, and art appraiser at Dick Wallers Art Place, an art gallery located in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Owner and artist Dick Waller displays works of his own collection and that of new and upcoming artists. Needless to say, I love my job and those I work with, as every day is an adventure. I am an urbanite who loves collecting vinyl and swoons over light fixtures. My closet/haven is organized by color, and I treasure antiques.  I am an absolute foodie and feature many of the restaurants I attend on this blog, as well as on my twitter page.  This lifestyle blog follows  home decor + entertaining wins and woes, documenting new paint colors and even hiccups along the way. 

I am also a Contributor for  ,

More about the family – My older brother inspires me everyday, and I am proud to say that he was matched with George Washington Hospital in D.C for his residency and currently practices at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Through kindergarten and high-school, from grad school to med school, he is and has always been such an amazing goofy older brother, and again I am so proud of him.  If you know me, then you most likely know Anne Black. She is my lighthouse, guiding me through and past hurricanes and into calm waters. My little brother and sister, Sam and Cathy, give me smile lines, and I’m kind of okay with it, thank god for La Mer. I have had a love of fashion ever since I was seven and wanted to wear a dress to a bounce and play party. 

I am a graduate of BGSU as well as SACI (Florence, Italy) and La Institute de Touraine, in Tours, France, and I have also taken summer Art History courses (2011) at University of Oxford (United Kingdom). Another passion of mine is a cause that is very dear to my heart. Recently, my brother (Paul Blair) and I co-founded the Project Congo Art Benefit, which is graciously sponsored by Dr. Sylvia Gleason.  The show features black and white and color photography of East Africa, with proceeds going to Project Congo. For more information e-mail me at vvblair25@gmail.com to bring this show to a local Gallery or Museum near you. Please visit  www.ProjectCongo.org to learn about Project Congo.  I love my friends as they are my second family. Education, friendship, art, fashion, food, success, and a wonderful love, that is my core.

Peace & Love