Local Spotlight // Ten Cincinnati shops to Visit this Spring

This Winter I wished for snow, and well, I believe I got my wish. Now my wish is for Spring to come in with some speed. I love living in Covington,Kentucky, but I have also spent a number of years living in downtown, Cincinnati. With Spring around the corner, and the lift of the restrictions, we all are safely coming out of hibernation. Below is my list of ten stores to check out in Cincinnati, OH for the month of March. Each month, I’ll pick ten favorite shops to check out and feature. Check the blog for updates on this and more. I absolutely love doing research with my friends, and now I get to share the best spots to check out this Spring with all of my readers. Enjoy + happy shopping.

Peace + Love,


  1. Manitou Candle Co.
  2. The Mindful Nest
  3. Hutch Baby
  4. The Hansa Guild Co.
  5. GOODS
  6. The Rhined
  7. The Native One
  8. Shake it Records
  9. Chapeau Couture
  10. Venice Pavilion Antiques

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