Travel Guide // Love in Pompano Beach, Fl

Franz lighting the Chinese Lanterns in front of the house in Pompano Beach. Throughout the ages, the Chinese Lanterns are used not only as sources of light or simple paper decoration, but they also symbolize vitality + good luck.

When visiting this area of Florida, make sure to check out the historic Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, as well as the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

When you travel with a person, you find out a lot about who they are, what they love, what they eat, what their necessities or rituals for travel are, their little quirks, and sometimes kinks. However, thankfully I lucked out, and Franz is the captain of all captains, when it comes to setting sail on adventures. He also pulled off the biggest surprise of my life, and I am the hardest person to surprise. Every year for my birthday, for the past three years since we have been together, Franz flies us down south, right as the snow comes into Ohio. However, because we are opening VADA GALLERY in OTR this July, and with the pandemic still going on, I thought birthday plans of us leaving the cold, for palm trees, would be out of the question. Franz didn’t let me down, and followed through, with a new vacation wardrobe in tow, we were ready to relax. Two days before my birthday, we flew down to Florida for an eight day vacation at his familys beach house, a trip that was much needed. I have always had a love for the ocean, and I have no problem getting sand everywhere, and could be on the beach for hours. I have absolutely no fear diving into cold waters, but thankfully even in January, the water in Pompano was warm compared to Nantucket’s cold waters, even at the end of its Summers. After a year of not seeing the ocean due to the pandemic, and just keeping it safe, I was more than happy to feel the hot sun, have a food tour of Pompano, and be in my bikini all week with my honey.

The Rusty Hook //

We checked out amazing eats Pompano Beach had to offer, the best part was that over half of the restaurants we dined at were not only fresh , delicious, and ocean front, they were also within walking distance from the house, and all local (no chain restaurants) . A couple of our absolute favorite places to eat between beach walks, and beach naps, was the Lucky Fish, which not only had a swing outside looking over the ocean but also had on their menu the most amazing coconut shrimp, served with the best Mango pineapple salsa, pineapple rum marmalade. Another gorgeous beach side restaurant we love is called Oceanic, with an additional favorite restaurant right beside it, called the Pompano Beach House.

Oceanic Restaurant

I loved this swing at the restaurant Lucky Fish.

We were met with gorgeous weather daily, with our bedroom only steps from the beach, we spent less time in the car, and more time soaking in nature, me doing yoga while Franz napped, swimming in the ocean, embracing the local seafood, and exploring the area. On the days where we were not beach babes, we went out to eat, and met up with his parents who are residents of Florida, and also Cincinnati. So after a long year, it was more than amazing to see them, and know that they received their vaccines and are okay. The food, the love, the family, friends, and being in the sunshine, even with masks on, really boosted our souls to another level. Another restaurant that we dined at, that I definitely want to go back to when in Florida, is Sea Watch on the Ocean.

Sea Watch on the Ocean

Even though it’s not located in Pompano Beach, and is actually located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, it’s worth the little bit of the drive and traffic. This place has gorgeous views of the ocean, amazing service, and delicious raw and cooked oysters. We ordered the crispy calamari, of course the raw oysters, and Boathouse Baked Oysters with Cayenne pepper-apple wood bacon butter, garlic, watercress.

Right after we almost blew away, it was so windy on the beach that night, yet my hair somehow stayed perfect.
Check out the Foundry and 26 degrees brewery, where they have a Captain Ron beer.

Another go-to spot for brilliant romantic eats in Pompano is to grab a pizza, or a sandwich from Carlucci’s Brick Oven Trattoria & Pizzeria, a blanket, some bubbly or soda, and walk to the beach (only footsteps away from the pizzeria). We were able to walk to the restaurant from the house, and as soon as we walked in, I knew we were going to have authentic gourmet pizzas, salads , homemade breads and pasta. Wood fired pizza has to be my absolute favorite style of pizza, as it transports me back to my time living in Florence,Italy.

Another favorite of ours is the Rusty Hook, but don’t let the name fool you, I had one of the best mouthwatering, and tender Moroccan lamb dishes, of my life at this restaurant. Nick, a friend of the family’s, suggested we go to this establishment, and all of our taste-buds were more than delighted that we took his word for it. There is an abundance of culture in the Pompano+Miami Beach area, and Franz and I are more than excited to continue to come back here to delight our palettes with eats from all over brought together in two cities.

The Rusty Hook

The Rusty Hook

Even though I was already in bliss with Franz on vacation, the best day of my life was still just moments from happening. On my birthday I woke up to the most darling outfit, and our bags packed for the beach, we spent the day in the sun celebrating my birthday. Franz made his Castle V rock ( a sand castle we make yearly) and as we ran to the ocean hand in hand, he asked a family friend to take our picture, I was so elated that I just grabbed on to him and smiled as the waves came crashing into us. I felt him slip down and I looked over to my right and Franz was on his knee, he looked up at me and said “Virginia Blair, I want to spend the rest of our lives together, will you marry me”, I screamed with every cell in my body “YESSSSSSSS”! He picked me up, and we kissed and I cried, and our family friend that took the picture of the engagement started laughing and crying with us and said, ” you can’t do that to me, you almost gave me a heart attack”, when in fact I think we all almost had heart attacks. Franz did it, Franz is the only man to ever surprise me, to ever help me learn to trust, he helped with a life long dream of owning a gallery, and we eventually opened VADA gallery, he helped me open my mind to pave a brighter future, and on top of that he helped me have the ability to not be afraid to LIVE. Most importantly, he showed me how to not be afraid to love. My heart is full, skin warmed by the sun, and soul warmed by a man who saved my life, and my spirit.

Oceanic and Pompano Beach House Featured above.

That night we ran into the house, started drinking champagne with our family and friends, flutes in hand, looking over at the ocean, we saluted, and the entire time I wore heart shaped sunglasses. In that moment I realized what life was all about, and I believe me I have lived many lives, I learned that life was really simply about … love; and good food.

Getting ready for our engagement dinner, I tried on three different gowns Franz got for me, a black dress, red dress, and white. I almost had to lay down because of all of the excitement, I am the hardest person to surprise. Franz in a linen shirt, and our faces both red from the sun and excitement of getting engaged, we finally headed to Pompano’s Oceanic restaurant, a place that will forever hold a special memory in my heart. As soon as we walked in I somehow felt like everyone knew we were engaged, I was met first with two women who approached us with a loud and in unison “congratulations!”, they grabbed my wedding band and turned it around twice, when I asked what that meant – she said it was an Italian tradition, meant to bring good luck, she also told me something that I will always hold true, “to never forget how happy I feel on this very day” and I never will. The views and lighting while dining at the Oceanic restaurant, on top of being met with such hospitality and love, made this birthday and engagement dinner, more than unforgettable. Franz and I ended the night on the beach, with a bonfire, an ocean of champagne, waves crashing, and the stars and moon blanketing over us. So even during a pandemic, when the world seemed to be splitting at its seams, and at its darkest time, love prevailed, love challenged hate, and love kept swimming, even in the sinking state of Florida. I love you Franz Diedling, you saved my life, my soul, my heart, and I cant wait to dance into the many years and waves with you.

Peace + Love,


Foodie Friday // Haven Cafe + Charnee’s Doughnuts

It has been a while since I have written on the blog, and a lot has happened since then. We have a new president, the polar vortex has put us in a literal snow globe, as most of us in the United States are still on lock down, or their cities are just now opening back up. We sadly lost many people in the food + beverage community this year and last, restaurants have opened, but many have closed due to the pandemic. I have seen food icons say goodbye to the old world of culinary practice, and set sail onward, riding the waves in uncharted waters, to a food world currently being discovered and challenged. I’ve seen young and seasoned chefs and owners alike, band together to save an art, the art of food. The culinary world has had their spirits fucking obliterated, yet with darkness comes light, and with that rebirth. So on this journey, I pick up my dusty modern day pen and piece of paper and write how to learn to fight this pandemic, safely with a mask on, a fork in one hand, and a pen in the other. The culinary world of Cincinnati, Ohio, and NKY is in the start of a renaissance, picking up the pieces from the aftermath, and creating Michelangelo pieces of art you can eat.

I am seeing passions re-ignite, creativity spark, and true grit stand up and run towards this revival of Cincinnati, Ohio + Covington, Kentuckys food scene. These two cities should be on everyone’s watchlist and is still in the running for one of the best food cities in America. Cincinnati, Ohio food kings and queens like Chef/Owner Daniel Wright, Dwan Juan, Jacob Trevino, Sabyle Zeringis + more, are re-opening their restaurant doors again, and in doing so, I urge our community to continue to support small businesses so we can continue to see our food community grow and flourish through the Spring.

Without further ado, lets start with a spotlight on semi-newbie to the food scene, Haven:Cafe, owned by Sabyle Zeringis. As soon as I walked into Haven, I knew that this coffeehouse was going to be a staple in the community. Located in Covington, Kentucky, Haven has such a safe, clean, design forward, and inviting vibe, with brilliant classic coffee, and even more brilliant breakfast sandwiches from brown bear bakery and stupid good, gorgeously designed, doughnuts by Charneese Doughnuts. If you are in Cincinnati, make sure to check out even more bakery goodness, at the Brown Bear Bakery brick and mortar, located in OTR. Let’s talk about doughnuts now. I would like to say I am self proclaimed, doughnut obsessed, and Charnees’s Doughnuts are turning out THE best doughnuts in the tri-state right now. The colors are gorgeous, and the ingredients are dairy-free, grain-free, gluten-free, but definitely not taste free. Haven Café also uses organic syrups, local dairy with zero hormones or antibiotics, dairy alternatives like oat milk. This place is definitely a must visit, and mind you – even with 10 inches of snow on the ground, nothing will stop me from supporting local this Winter (and eating doughnuts).

Happy Foodie Friday Creatives.


Follow Haven Cafe on Instagram

Haven Cafe // 332 Scott Blvd Covington, KY 41011

Firenze Formaggio Baked Ziti Rotini

Firenze Formaggio Baked Ziti Rotini


2 onions diced

2 green peppers diced

1 red pepper diced

one garlic clove, diced

3 tablespoons italian seasoning

6 tablespoons of Balner’s Fiesta garlic salt

2 bags of shredded mozzarella

one wedge of your favorite local Parmesan – The Rhined

one large jar of your favorite tomato sauce

1 pound ground beef

1 can of diced tomatoes or three fresh tomatoes diced.

1 pound mild Italian sausage

2 teaspoons cayenne pepper

2 boxes rotini + ziti pasta

1 tablespoon of chives

four tablespoons of ground black pepper

1/2 stick of butter

2 tablespoons of rosemary

6 ounces spinach / chopped

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Round Wide Dutch Oven, 6 3/4-Qt or large pot

Chopped white mushrooms

Caserole dish (Large )

Olive oil – to coat the pans

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

It’s starting to get cold outside, which calls for hearty, Formaggio, meaty, filled, vegetable enriched, flavorful, pasta dishes. There is something magical about having a meaty pasta dish, ready to serve and fresh out of the oven, it just screams take off your coat, pull up a chair, and have a bit of love through the belly and straight to the heart. When creating this dish, I had flash backs of going to the market – everyday to get fresh produce, when living in Florence, Italy. I have utilized the same ideology in the States, and have loved the same walk-ability of Covington, Kentucky. While living here, we have loved going to the Covington Farmers market, as well as supporting our local grocery stores.

One local market, I am loving, that my best friends Kyler and Sam, showed me, is Kremer’s Market, located at 755 Buttermilk Pike, Crescent Springs, KY. This market is a gourmet chefs, dream, with amazing sandwiches to go, fresh produce, and a the best selection of olive oil. Come here daily for made-to-order deli sandwiches, paninis and signature sandwiches, quickly prepared with curated ingredients. The Kremer’s Market deli carries 31 meats and 28 cheeses daily, including their house made roast beef and ham. Select your favorite sandwich served on Servatii bread. Check out their two best-sellers, the Urb Chicken Panini and Kremer’s BLT with homemade chicken salad on a house-baked croissant. Also, take a look at their monthly menu, HERE. So even though I am posting this recipe as sneak peek into the VB in the City cookbook, please try and visit places like Kremer’s Market, and our local restaurants, this Holiday season and beyond.


First coat the bottom of the dutch oven/ or pot, with olive oil, brown the ground beef and Italian sausage, garlic salt, and onions, in the dutch oven/pot. Once the meat is brown, and onions soft, the aroma of garlic strong, drain the fat, and place meat onion mixture, back into the dutch oven/ pot.

Add all the spices and more garlic salt, diced peppers, mushrooms, garlic in the dutch oven/pot.

+If wanting to make the dish vegetarian – sans the meat, and either add meatless crumbles or diced up/sauteed zucchini.

Add the tomato sauce and diced tomatoes , to the dutch oven/pot and fold in the vegetables and meat.

Add the chopped spinach and fold. Put the lid on and Let the sauce come to a boil. Watch the sauce carefully, once it gets a bit bubbly lower heat, and stir.

Boil the noodles, drain, and place back into the pot. Add and stir in the butter more garlic, garlic salt, the rosemary, Italian seasonings, and o so much crushed black pepper.

Prep your casserole dish, by coating the bottom with a layer of the meat/veggie sauce, then add a layer of noodles, then add a layer of the Parmesan/ mozzarella shredded cheese mixture, then add another layer of the meat/veggie sauce, then add another layer of noodles, and another layer of cheese, repeat until you reach the top.

Top the zitti with another layer of cheese, and cover the Firenze Formaggio Baked Ziti Rotini with aluminum foil.

Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Take off the foil the last 5 minutes top with cheese and remove.

Local Spotlight // Covington, Kentucky

Libby’s Southern Comfort // Covington, Kentucky
Amera Asia – Covington, Kentucky

We have lived in this house in Covington, Kentucky built in 1850, on a cobblestone no outlet road, in the licking River District of Covington, one block from mainstrausse, for over two years. Covington is full of haunting beauty +  charm, combined with delicious new and classic eats, perfect for this spooky Fall season. I’ve compiled a list of restaurants, shops, and coffee shops to definitely help support this Holiday season, especially during the pandemic. As the colder months get closer, we need to keep supporting our local  businesses so they can thrive and see the Spring  . I’ll also be featuring Cincinnati, Ohio starting with local spotlights neighborhood by neighborhood, over the next couple of months. Get ready for mouth-watering pictures, with links, taking you directly to their website. With the streets being filled in with patio tables due to COVID-19 restrictions, I feel a sense of community and even a tourism resurgence. We are all wanting a slice of pecan pie, but from a team who knows our name, instead of contributing to a big corporation chain, who is already getting bail out money, and not even trying to give back – by using locally sourced produce, grain, or meats. Our town is showing up for small businesses, whom create delicious memorable and  innovative cuisines, whom have kept our spirits up and our bellies filled, while upholding social distancing + and mask ordinances. That my friends is evolving, and that is why Covington to me really has TRUE GRIT.

Lils Bagels Covington, Kentucky

The food scene, over the past five years, has really flourished in Covington, Kentucky and it is one of the main reasons why I moved here. While still paying tribute to Kentucky classics, like the hot brown, brilliant tacos are in the mix in the COV, with updated swanky cocktails, fried chicken, deviled eggs, oysters from Rich’s Proper,  Sexy spice levels from Amera Asia, double burgers from Herb + Thelma’s, and fried green tomatoes from Libby’s.  Other notable places to have drinks are The Hannaford, where you will find the craft cocktails + Ripple- a vino bar, for those wanting their bit of Kentucky in a stemmed glass. Order a bourbon from the Bourbon Haus located on Main Street in Covington, KY for a dim lit romantic time, and let’s take a bloody bite into this under the radar, delicious city. My vote is to keep an eye on Covington, Kentucky + Cincinnati, Ohio. Our Covington mornings consist of walking through the cobblestone streets, crisp leaves under our boots, with our pup Jade, bundling up to walk to the Roebling bridge to stroll around the river with the bridge peeking through the fog. The choice on where to walk to pick up coffee begins around every corner. Checks out Lil’s bagels for breakfast or lunch – the Chixa is my favorite on the menu. Only two block from our house, please, for your taste buds – try the Matcha chocolate donuts and other baked goods at Haven Cafe (also a spa coming soon), the newest to arrive ( whom have partnered with Charnies Doughnuts who make vegan donuts + @brown bear bakery-a favorite of mine also located in OTR Cincinnati,OH). Our most frequented coffee destination has to be the Roebling bookstore, enter in smelling the aroma of ground coffee beans and rows and rows of books from room to room, in this 5 room bookstore. My favorite nook is the room with the fireplace, holding the entire collection of Alice and wonderland and more classics around the corner from the coffee counter.

Haven Cafe – Covington, Kentucky

You most definitely will find a wonderful collection of the latest books and gifts, for children and adults here. Another favorite coffee house of mine is the Left Bank Coffee House. It is one of my favorite places to lace up and walk to in the winter time, when it’s snowing. They have a walk up window, which is perfect for social distancing, but also it’s great for if we want to take our pup for a walk to get coffee, I also always adore how they decorate for the holidays . Also check out Chako Bakery Cafe, located on Main Street, chako has mastered Culinary skills at LE CORDON BLEU and IL PLEUR SUR. Not only offering gorgeous hand made and natural baking processes with unique Japanese ingredients and fresh produce from local farmers, served with the Japanese hospitality concept  “omotenashi”, they also offer dinner events! I love walking passed the 19th century stately homes with tree lined streets and murals everywhere, I’ll never forget meeting the artists, the London Police, while they were in town painting the mural, located on Scott Blv . For lunch and brunch, Cedar Restaurant is one of my favorite NEW brunch spots, along with staple Ottos, Commonwealth,  and my personal favorite, the glamorous, Hotel Covington. There are so many brilliant places to eat right now in Covington that I’ll be breaking this travel guide into two parts, with the second part being posted next Friday. as new restaurants and coffee shops. Now let’s talk about LUNCH, and the opening of Covington Yard.

Covington Yard, Covington, Kentucky

Covington Yard is not only a gorgeous new place for lunch and drinks but it’s also another walkable spot – even from downtown Cincinnati. Walk in to find a yard surrounded by converted containers, a courtyard of lights above the stars. The full bar is gorgeous, with refreshing drinks, but still my favorite part, is most definitely the food filled converted containers and eventually music space. I met with David Chao of Yard Bird, to see the spot when it first opened, and  I have been keeping my eye on this place even before I walked into its doors, and it definitely got me excited for the years to come in Covington. Another staple at Covington Yard, Django Western Taco. With over 20 years of experience, Chef Joshua Campbell, is bringing his talents to Kentucky, along with Mr. Bulgogi, offering Korean BBQ, vegetable + beef dumplings. Which brings me to another restaurant in Covington , from the same owner, the great Riverside Korean Restaurant. Check that place out for amazing ramen. Another absolute favorite of mine, is KungFood Chu’s AmerAsia – all within walking distance from our house. The spicy levels are definitely tantalizing and crazy to say, but also euphoric at times. If you’re looking for the latest in looks –  Check out native ( a boutique also within walking from Haven cafe and more. Another place I love is Hail Dark Aesthetics, where I can find my witchy records or tarot  cards. Looking for authentic tacos? Check out my personal favorite Gutierrez Deli where you will find mole, tamales, the biggest quesadillas and more as well as Frida whom is the owner as their newest concept The Standard- which is located in a 1930 updated glam garage. While walking around, you will see the city of Covington really in a different light, each time of the day and night. The history here is golden through its architecture and food scene, let’s keep it alive by supporting local. I’ll spend the rest of my night looking at the fog covered night sky. Come visit; it’s a devilish good food town time. 

Cedar // Covington, Kentucky
Cedar // Covington, Kentucky
LeftBank Coffee House
Rich’s Proper // Covington, Kentucky
Libby’s Southern Comfort // Covington, Kentucky
Otto’s // Covington, Kentucky
Dee Felice Cafe // Covington, Kentucky

Check the blog next week for the second installment on this hidden haunting gem of a city, Covington, Kentucky.

Peace + Love,


Travel Guide // Asheville + Black Mountain, NC

Stay here in the Pigsaw Forest // Click HERE

After a little hiatus from writing about my travels, i’m back! It’s time to put a spotlight on the cities and neighborhoods that have fed us, outfitted us, and warmed our hearts before the pandemic, during, and after. Right now more than ever, we need to support our local and non-local small businesses. A couple weeks back we decided to explore the area of Asheville + Black Mountain, North Carolina, mask on of course. I have been hearing about how amazing these places were and was so excited to try the eats in this mountain region. We also were so excited to explore the Blue Ridge Mountains, a place that seemed perfect for a little vacation in such a crazy time, we also needed to soak in nature and distance ourselves from the city just for a couple days. We made sure to find the perfect, clean, and on budget airbnbs with hosts that have amazing reviews. We ended up driving from Covington, Kentucky to Asheville + Black Mountain , however our first airbnb was located in Black Mountain, which was recently named the most beautiful city in America, and I have to agree. I have to say driving through Asheville to get to this brilliant art town was one of the highlights of the trip. If you can, try and book through the Summer or Fall, the colors of the leaves that nature paints, is more than majestic.

Stay at this Majestic airbnb for $99 a night // CLICK HERE

Once we arrived at our airbnb ( Only $99 a night) we wanted to unload the car and then find a bite to eat. We drove through curvy roads filled with gorgeous views. The house was nestled in the woods, in a gorgeous community outside of Black Mountain, and the entire stay just made it feel like we were Black Mountain locals, which is one of the reasons why I love renting airbnbs, its always a better experience. Once we unpacked, we headed in town to grab a bite at a local favorite, My Father’s pizza + pasta. We dined outside surrounded by Italian string lights, we started with the bruschetta and devoured an entire pizza. Black mountain and the entire night made me completely think of a European town in the mountains, yet its in North Carolina. So even though because of the pandemic we cant travel abroad, you can find a bit of charm in these towns and more.

“My Father’s Pizza is A family owned and operated restaurant serving Black Mountain since 1990, offering mouthwatering fresh pizza, pasta, subs, salads, and a choice beer and wine selection. All of their sauces, dough, meatballs, hummus, and special house dressing are prized family recipes and they make them fresh daily in-house. The also offer gluten free options including pizza crusts, pasta, and beer, as well as lactose free vegan cheese. Our goal is to provide excellent quality and friendly service to our friends, neighbors, and visitors to the area. Savour views of the always beautiful Blue Ridge mountains from our patio, or sit inside and enjoy pleasant conversation and great food in our cozy dining room.”

Make sure to check out the galleries in between the breweries, art definitely is abundant in both areas.

Black Mountain Brewery, in Black Mountain, NC
Burial Brewery in Asheville, NC
Urban Orchard in Asheville, NC
Highland Brewing in Asheville, NC

After dinner, we walked around Black Mountain, which was full of shops and art galleries, so of course as art gallery owners, we were rocky mountain high with excitement. The next day we decided to dive into the city of Asheville. We wanted to check out all of the breweries, cheese shops, art galleries and more. Some of my favorite places that we checked out in Asheville and Black Mountain, were Highland Brewery, Burial Brewery, Dirty Jacks, original home of Greenman Brewing ( My favorite brewery of all of the ones we visited), Urban Orchard, and then we wound up going back to Black Mountain to check out the amazing beer and gorgeous mural at the Black Mountain Brewery. After our tour of the breweries, we decided to grab some wine at my favorite cheese shop in North Carolina, South Slope Cheese, owned by married couple Kurt & Emily Burritt.

“We have been in the gourmet food industry for over 30 years from Burritt’s Fresh Markets in Traverse City Michigan to The Artisan Gourmet Market and Coffee Wine Bar in Black Mountain North Carolina. We have always aspired to create an experience our customers would appreciate and are excited to begin another food adventure here in Western North Carolina. The opening of South Slope Cheese Co. in Asheville is the culmination of our desire to focus on the two things that are very complex but also compliment each other…cheese and wine!”

-Kurt + Emily

As soon as we saw the cheese shop when we drove into town, we knew we wanted to circle around to make that our last stop before heading to our second airbnb. We walked in to be delighted with wine and cheese from floor to ceiling. Perfect already packaged, gourmet cheese boxes, with wonderful wine and beautiful champagne selections. We walked out of there with two bottles and six different kinds of cheese. Kurt and Emily, even remembered that we told them we had an art show coming up ( as it is our tradition a week before a show to explore a new town, to regroup and energize) a week after the show, we got a message from them wishing us good luck on the show at VADA GALLERY. We then went west of Asheville to our next Airbnb, the Pisgah Highlands Container Cabin.

airbnb ( only $90 a night)

To get to the second airbnb ( only $90 a night) we drove up a very steep mountain, (definitely a four wheel drive car or SUV, is suggested when exploring these mountains) to say it was a blast even getting to the container, is an understatement. When we finally arrived to the top of the mountain, we were surprised to find this little gated container community, we went through the gate and found our container. Each container so spread out, that your only neighbor are the animals in the woods. The container was most definitely one of my favorite places we have ever stayed, with an outdoor fireplace overlooking the woods, a record player fit with records, perfect for late nights by the fire, a garage door, we could open all the way, with a screen right by the bed, and an outdoor shower. I will say this place is updated rustic, but that’s why we picked it! We ate cheese and laughed by the fire all night.

We woke up early the next day to explore the blue ridge mountains in the Pigsaw Forest. Once we drove into the forest, we were mesmerized, we finally pulled over and climbed down ( yes, hiking shoes are a must on this trip) to the stream at the base of the mountains, and pulled out our fishing rods, to sit on the rocks and really soak in everything Pigsaw had to offer. What was even more magical, is while we were fishing on the rocks, a little boat made out of wood got stuck in the rocks by us, we had no idea where the boat came from, but it definitely added a bit of a Hobbit and Blair Witch vibe, that we were definitely okay with. We then ventured up to the famous Blue Ridge Mountain overlook, the view was spectacular, even though it was drizzling. If wearing layers – you will be absolutely fine, as the rain let up, the clouds broke through, and I could actually really appreciate the rolling hills of this mountain region.

We are already planning another little vacation back to Black Mountain and Asheville, as there is no way you can take in everything in, in just three days. On our next trip we would like to venture to the Biltmore Estate, and the Biltmore forest, as well as check out a ton of restaurants, especially Tupelo Honey, as we have heard such amazing things about this restaurant. All the places we visited that weekend, practiced social distancing and have taken mask precautions seriously. Let’s keep on helping out our small business owners, because they are the ones building the community, remembering your favorite order, hell, even just remembering your first name. If you want to do something to help your community in the middle of this pandemic, order in from a small restaurant, or venture to a small town (even big), mask on, hand sanitizer in stow, and start supporting local. You can make a difference, even on an adventure after all. So be the Robin hood in your community, explore and help out as much as your budget will allow.

Below are some upcoming travel guides that will be posted soon on the blog, check it out for tips on traveling safely during Covid-19 on ✨🍁:
The Red River Gorge, Kentucky
Cincinnati Ohio + Yellow Springs, Ohio
Covington, Kentucky
Bellevue, Kentucky

We will see you soon Black Mountain and Asheville, NC – this gold dust woman is just getting started again.

Peace + Love,

VB in the CITY – Virginia Blair

Local Spotlight // Lil’s Bagels Brings the Community together to help in Demanding Justice for Breonna Taylor


Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 1.58.57 PM.png


Lil’s Bagels, my favorite bagel shop located in Covington, Kentucky is calling upon the community to come together and demand justice for Breonna Taylor. THIS FRIDAY all tips and a portion of proceeds will be donated to @acluofky to bring justice to Breonna Taylor, her family, and those protesting. Say her name…Breonna Taylor. Black Lives Matter. Order at or by calling 859-412-6922.

“Lil’s was started out of desperation for a GOOD bagel. After too many bagel-less Sundays, we decided to make our own.  We perfected the recipe to create the bagel that both our family matriarchs (coincidentally named Lillian) knew as GOOD bagels and made sure our families did too.

Every bagel is hand-rolled, boiled, and baked with tradition, local ingredients, and lots of CHUTZPAH. We make the Old World hawt-and-fresh right here in NKY. (And yes, we do cross the river, too.)

So if you’ve been searching high and low to find a GOOD bagel in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, we feel you. And we can’t wait to serve you your first chewy, crusty bite.”

Visit at 308 Greenup St. and help make a difference.

EVERY DAY 8am-2pm ( Information found on Lils Bagels official website)



Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 1.38.36 PM

A couple months ago, a dream of mine came true, we opened an art gallery.


VADA Gallery Owners Virginia Blair and Franz Diedling, gladly have been in the art + music world for years. Virginia has been an art dealer and art historian for over 10 years. She has represented artists both globally and locally. With a background in Art History from SACI College of Art & Design, located in Florence, Italy, to education in Tours, France, BGSU, as well as completing studies at the University of Oxford in the UK for Art History, a dream of owning an art gallery has finally become a reality. She partnered with local music and avid art lover + promoter, Franz Diedling, to mesh the love of arts. Franz Diedling grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, he then moved to LA for ten years where he did music promotion, a variety of jobs, and event planning. He found himself back in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio where he is currently a music promoter, taproom manager, and jack of all trades at Fretboard Brewing Company. His love of arts and entrepreneurship, Virginia’s knowledge of the art history and the art world, have led to the creation of Vada Gallery. Vada Gallery is a place for the latest exhibits, new and seasoned artists (all mediums welcome), and live music.

This past weekend we celebrated the Summer Exhibit BLOOM, Featuring Artists Amanda Reed+Katie Jaeger at VADA GALLERY.

  // We had a great turn out, everyone was safe, creative vibes were flowing, and the live painting was LIVE 🔥🔥🔥 We will continue to present to you amazing art locally, nationally, and internationally. 🌸Keep creating // This 🎨🎨🎨exhibit will be up for a month ✨ To view, visit us during gallery hours ( ) or schedule a private showing by calling 513.259.7446 ✨💫




Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 7.05.34 PM

Our Summer Exhibit, running for a month, features local collaborative artists Amanda Reed (photographer) and Katie Jaeger (painter). BLOOM is a mixed media collaboration made up of photography, acrylic paint, and nature elements cast in epoxy resin. The intention for the collection is to create space for women to share their stories, create visual imagery around those stories, and celebrate the divine feminine nature in all of us.
Amanda Reed (photographer) and Katie Jaeger (painter) have been friends for over 15 years. The BLOOM series started as a conversation, an idea to combine their two retrospective art forms. Over a year later and BLOOM has completely transformed into something larger then themselves. What they found was women were craving the opportunity to have their stories heard. When women share their stories in a vulnerable way, healing occurs. Katie and Amanda are inspired by the stories in the hearts of women, their journeys, their trials and tribulations and to celebrate all those things through the BLOOM series.

BLOOM has expanded and is now open for commissions. Are you interested in being turned into a work of art? Email-

We ask everyone to wear masks upon entrance to the gallery. If you do not have a mask, no worries, we can provide one to you.

S.O.S Foodie Friday // Carry-Out List Part I: Local Eats +Drinks



Looking for a more organized list of participating CARRY-OUT eats + drinks in the Cincinnati, Ohio + Northern Kentucky area? Franz and I have compiled a list of some of our favorite LOCAL CARRY-OUT eats and drinks, for your Quarantine pleasure, located below. The art world and food world are one, we hold our culinary art scene near and dear to our hearts. Now is a time to create, not hate. I grew up eating Ambar in Clifton as a little girl, I’ve been spoiled with romantic food memories at Please, Mita’s, Kiki, and many more, and refuse to let the food memories stop. Let’s help out our community safely,  by supporting participating carry-out businesses. Creatives and Foodies, this is only Part I of our local Quarantine Carry-Out Spotlight list, check the blog next Foodie Friday for a list of more brilliant food! Wash your hands, Keep creating, and eating!

*Love Mediterranean, Russian, German, French cuisine, + more? Then, YES, you’ll definiely want to come back to the blog to check out even more of our scrumptious local CARRY-OUT list of eats, drinks, and more next week.

Do you not see your business on our list?*If you, or a business you love, would like to be added to the list – please email


Latin Cuisine

Condado Tacos, downtown

El Pueblo

Los Potrillos Mexican restaurant bar &grill-316 Ludlow AveCincinnati 45220(513) 221-0313


Mesa Loca

Mazunte Taqueria

Gomez Salsa OTR– Order online or over the phone and get your turtles, tacos, GROWLERS and more! Looking to feed a crew? Ask us about Family Taco Night and Take and Bake Enchiladas!

Taqueria Mercado Cincinnati

Lunch. dinner or anytime… call. Open from 11 am to 6 pm for carryout or Delivery orders. I went here to watch ALL of my soccer games.

Call at (513) 381-0678 for Carryout orders!

Mita’s Restaurant – Call in to see how you can help – For furloughed restaurant industry workers: carryout meals, toiletries, diapers, canned goods, and cleaning supplies available. Provided in partnership with The LEE Initiative and Maker’s Mark. Find out how to donate to this effort here.

Casa Figueroa


Tortilleria Garcia



La Mexicana


Maize Arepas and Bar

Nada, downtown

Veracruz Mexican Grill

Frida 602

El Pueblo


The Comet

Findlay Market, OTR
Merchants open; several restaurants have carryout and delivery options available (see link below for details)

-Call to place your order from the menu and photos below, 513-541-8900 or the back up number 859-474-2587 that’s 859-4PICKUP, pick-up turnaround times may vary. We will now be adding an auto-gratuity of 15% for the Comet staff., unless you tell us to change it.

-You can also see their dinner menu on the website at, but check here for the 32oz draft and beer package updates. Lots of N/A bevs available too!


Asian+Indian Cuisine

Riverside Korean Restaurant
New hours for Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday: 12:00pm to 9:30pm
Sunday: 12:00pm to 9:00pm
Phone # 859-291-1484


3501 SEOUL

Adeep India

Amol India Carry Out

Ambar India 

Asian Paradise

Asian Spice Bistro

Asiana Thai & Sushi

Amma’s Kitchen

Baba India

Ban Thai

Bao Bun Bowl

Bridges Nepali Cuisine

Casual Chinese

Chako Bakery Cafe

China Gourmet

China Star

Christine’s Casual Dining

Chung Ching

Cloud 9 Sushi

Dai Trang Bistro

Delhi Palace Indian Cuisine

Dumesh Indian Restaurant

Dolsot Bistro

First Wok

Fortune Noodle House

Grand Oriental

Great Tang

Green Papaya


House of Bangkok

iPho Vietnamese Cuisine

Korea House



Lemon Grass

Mai Thai Restaurant

Mala Hotpot

Mango Tree

Mei Japanese Restaurant

Miyoshi Japanese Restaurant

Noodle & Hot Pot

Nawab Grill & Restaurant

Oriental Wok

Pho Kimmy

Pho Lang Thang

Pin Toh Asian

Quan Hapa

Red Sesame

Riverside Korean Restaurant

Saigon Noodle Bar

Saigon Subs and Rolls

Sakura Steakhouse & Sushi

Shaan Indian Cuisine

Shanghai Mamas

Siam Orchid Thai Restaurant


Song Long

Stone Bowl

Sukhothai Thai Cuisine

SuRa Korean

SWAD Indian Restaurant

Szechuan Garden Bistro

Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine

Tea ‘n’ Bowl

Thai Namtip

The Pacific Kitchen

Uncle Yip’s Restaurant

Wabi Sabi

Zundo Ramen and Donburi


Italian Cuisine

SOTTO – Carry-out Cincinnati! Pasta-fanatics have been working tirelessly on an ode to Italy, made to carryout & enjoy with those you love. To place a carryout order please call  513.977.6886.

Carryout menu-⁠

New Hours: Monday – Sunday, 4pm – 9pm

Baker’s Table // Try their new focaccia pizzas. Order at

Vincenzo’s Restaurant — Vincenzo’s is open for carry-out meals Tuesday-Saturdays. Details are on their website, vincenzos.net11525 Chester Road, Sharonville.


Via Vite and Forno Osteria —  Via Vite, 520 Vine St., Downtown, 513-721-8483; Forno Osteria and Bar Hyde Park, 3514 Erie Ave., Hyde Park, 513- 818-8720; Forno Osteria and Bar Montgomery., 9415 Montgomery Road, Montgomery, 513-231-5555.

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza —  In addition to eats, they have 64 oz. growler fill-ups available for $12 and 32 oz. growler fill-ups available for $8. Call 513-486-1805 or place a delivery order online. 9640 Mason Montgomery Road, Deerfield Township.

Catch-a-Fire Pizza — Catch-a-Fire Pizza inside the MadTree taproom will be offering wood-fired pizza and MadTree beer in six-packs for carry-out and delivery (within a 2 mile radius). Their hours of operation are 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Friday and Saturday. 3301 Madison Road, Oakley.

Crown Republic Gastropub — Crown Republic Gastropub is featuring DIY pasta dinners that families can prepare at home. They’re offering pasta with red sauce ($22), pasta with bolognese ($25), kale or Caesar salad ($10), minestrone soup ($9) and pints of cookie dough ($8). The meals feed 2 to 4 people and can be pre-ordered by calling 513-246-4272. They are also offering a carry-out menu with favorites including their chicken gobbets, CRG burger and spinach cavatelli. 720 Sycamore St., Downtown.

deSha’s – deSha’s is offering carry-out until 8 p.m. daily. They are also taking orders for Friday fish fries. 11320 Montgomery Road, Loveland

Dewey’s Pizza, Harper’s Point and West Chester
Carryout food and beer/wine with shortened hours of operation. Make-your-own-pizza “pizza packs” with dough ball, sauce, cheese, and toppings. Following along to their YouTube videos to learn how to make your pizzas like a pro at home.

E+O Kitchen — The restaurant says it is offering curbside pick-up and delivery, depending on your location, for the Hyde Park E+O. Call E+O Kitchen in Hyde Park at 513-832-1023. Menus can be found at 3520 Edwards Road, Hyde Park.

Fireside Pizza — The Walnut Hills pizza joint is offering carry-out, as well as delivery via UberEats and GrubHub. 773 E McMillan St., Walnut Hills.

Larosa’s – 347-1111 Same Menu per usual.

Giovanni’s Family Italian Restaurant — The restaurant is open for carry-out and is temporarily offering delivery within a three mile radius. Find their menu on their Facebook page4050 N. Bend Road, Westwood.

Gramma’s Pizza — Gramma’s Pizza is offering carry-out and delivery in the Clermont County area. Call 513-743-6644 to place your order. 154 E. Main St., Batavia.

Goodfellas Pizzeria — This pizzeria is offering take-out via phone or online order between 11 a.m.-10 p.m, daily. 1211 Main St., Over-the-Rhine; 603 Main St., Covington.

The Gruff — The Gruff in Covington offers a full-service drive-thru window during regular business hours as well as DoorDash and local 53T Courier. Just call your order in if you want to pick it up. 129 E. Second St., Covington.

Joe’s Pizza Napoli — Joe’s Pizza Napoli will be open for carry-out beginning 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 17. The restaurant will offer their wood-fired pizzas, salads, appetizers, wine, beer and sodas. Place your order at 513-248-0082. 507 Chamber Drive, Milford.

Bourbon House Pizza


Keystone Bar & Grill and Keystone Mac Shack — Three specific locations of these Keystone spots will be offering their full menu on DoorDash for carry-out or delivery. All are open 11 a.m.-11 p.m. daily. Keystone Bar & Grill Clifton, 249 Calhoun St., Clifton Heights, 513-229-9080; Keystone Bar & Grill Covington, 313 Greenup St., Covington, 859-261-6777; Keystone’s Mac Shack Clifton, 249 Calhoun St., Clifton Heights, 513-229-9080.

Metropole at 21c— Metropole will be offering in-room dining as well as their breakfast menu to go (6-10 a..m) and an all-day-dining carry-out menu (10 a.m.-10 p.m.). 609 Walnut St., Downtown.


Napa Kitchen + Bar— This Montgomery eatery is offering carry-out and delivery via DoorDash. All wine bottles are available at half-off for carry-out. Call 513-745-9568 to place an order for pick-up. 9386 Montgomery Road, Montgomery. 

Nicola’s, Pendleton
Carryout orders via (513) 721-6200 or; retail wine sales

Werkhaus Pizza— Their dining room is closed, but as per their Facebook page, “We will be open for carry out and delivery during our normal hours of operation. You can reach us at 513-451-9911.We also can deliver beer and wine!” 3637 Werk Road, Cheviot.

Parlor on Seventh — The restaurant is offering pick-up and delivery from 11:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Delivery is available on DoorDash and Uber Eats. 43 W. Seventh St., Covington.


Prime— The downtown steakhouse is offering deep discounts on their food as well as carry-out, curbside pick-up and delivery options. 580 Walnut St., Downtown.

Orchids at Palm Court, downtown
Carryout Date Night picnic totes filled with locally sourced meats and artisanal cheese, marinated olives, baguette, chocolate truffles, a bottle of sparkling water, and your choice of sparkling, white, or red wine. Upgrades with Big Fish Farms caviar and hand-picked sommelier wines available. Place orders by 2 p.m. for same-day pickup between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

Red Rose Jems — Red Rose Jems in College Hill will offer carry-out and delivery. The restaurant is currently open from 4-10 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Call 513-620-7673 to place an order. 5915 Hamilton Ave., College Hill.

Renegade Grille — This wing spot and grill inside the Listermann Brewing Company taproom is offering carry-out and curbside pick-up. Hours are 5-8 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Friday through Sunday. Call 513-954-8856 to place an order. 1621 Dana Ave., Norwood/Evanston.

Revel OTR — Revel is offering Revel wine to go via carry-out or delivery. Wines included are Black Sheep Blanc, Malbec, Sangiovese, Carménère, Cabernet Sauvignon. Shipping is available in Ohio only. They say, “Fill out our online form, we contact you to confirm order, send a link for payment (credit card and PayPal accepted), then schedule a time for pick up or delivery.” 111 E. 12th St., Over-the-Rhine.

The Rhined/Oakley Wines —The Rhined and Oakley Wines are consolidating into one shop at The Rhined in Findlay Market. An online shop is now live and offers cheese, wines, charcuterie and assorted packages that are available for curbside pick-up and delivery (at The Rhined).1737 Elm St., Over-the-Rhine.

Rohs Street Cafe — This Clifton coffee shop is offering carryout and whole bean from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. 245 W McMillan St., Clifton Heights.

Rotolo — Rotolo is offering carry-out daily 11 a.m.-7 p.m. as well as carry-out for flights of beer. Delivery is also available via DoorDash. Carry-out orders can be made by emailing or or calling 859-652-7250. 1 Levee Way, Newport.

Black Owned Restaurants

Alabama Q
2733 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH  45219


Black Coffee Lounge
824 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202


C & M BBQ Grill
6457 Kennedy Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45213


Conscious Kitchen
2912 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH  45219


Darou Salam Restaurant
4163 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45223


Davis Cookie Collection
Purchase their products at Conscious KitchenJungle Jim’s International Market (Fairfield), Sunny Blu Coffeehouse.


Divine Appetite Café
8982 Cincinnati Columbus Road, West Chester, OH 45069


Eddie’s Southern Style BBQ
7633 Dixie Hwy, Florence, KY  41042


Emma’s All in One Restaurant and Catering
3122 Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211


Express Wings
7617 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45237


Goodie’s Southern Style BBQ
7440 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH  45231


Gees Caribbean Style Restaurant
9163 Pippin Road, Cincinnati, OH 45251


Ike’s BBQ
3200 Woodburn Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45206


Island Frydays
2826 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45219


J & W Bar-B-Que
2432 Gilbert Avenue, Cincinnati, OH  45206
513-731-0679 & 513-578-9770


Jazzy Sweeties Bakery
1006 E McMillan, Cincinnati, OH 45206


Just Q’in BBQ Restaurant
975 E. McMillan Street, Cincinnati, OH  45206


K&J Seafood
2516 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45219


8087 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45216


Liming Time
1183 W Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231


Mango’s Tropical Oasis
7121 Dixie Highway, Fairfield, OH 45014


Ollie’s Trolley
1607 Central Avenue, Cincinnati, OH  45214


Park Place Restaurant
1185 Kemper Meadow Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45240


Pluto’s Café
1817 West Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45239


6 W 14th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202


Sweets by LaDawn
7031 Plainfield Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236


Sweet Petit Desserts
1426 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202


Teranga Restaurant
8438 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45216


Triple J’s Bar-B-Que Food Truck & Restaurant
Sharon Road, Cincinnati, OH 45215


Wing Champ
2343 E Sharon Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241


Aunt Flora’s
Personal Chef & Catering


Copa Lounge
1133 Sycamore, Suite B, Cincinnati, OH 45202


5070 Crookshank Road, Cincinnati, OH 45238


Just Jerks Food Truck
411 W. Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45246


Lala’s Blissful Bites
619 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH  45202


Mardi Gras on Madison
1524 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH  45206


Millie’s Place
5923 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH  45227


Rasheedah’s Café II
5922 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH  45224


Talis Southern Bar and Grill
5579 OH-741, Mason, OH 45040

List found from The Voice of Black Cincinnati – a media company designed to educate, recognize and create opportunities for African Americans. Want to find local news, events, job posting, scholarships and a database of local Black-owned businesses? Visit their  homepage, explore other articles, subscribe to our newsletter, like their Facebook page, join The Voice of Black Cincinnati – Facebook group and text VOBC to 797979.



Vegetarian / Vegan

Melt Eclectic Cafe
4165 Hamilton Avenue (45223) — Northside

SITWELL’S ACT II– Carryout/curbside pickup, free delivery. Order at (513) 821-7487

Rooted Juicery and Kitchen
6844 Wooster Pike (45227) — Oakley


Green Dog Cafe
3543 Columbia Parkway (45226) — Columbia-Tusculum

Pleasantry, OTR


Tela Bar and Kitchen
1212 Springfield Pike (45215) — Wyoming


Aladdin’s Eatery

The Loving Hut
6227 Montgomery Road (45213) — Pleasant Ridge


Krueger’s Tavern
1211 Vine Street (45202) — Over-the-Rhine

YES, THEIR VEGGIE BURGER IS MY FAV! – Although, extreme VEGS, FYI- the burger is cooked in chicken stock/EGG

Arthur’s Cafe
3516 Edwards Road (45208) — Hyde Park
8221 Beechmont Avenue (45244) — Anderson

Happy Belly
1344 Vine Street (45202)

Kitchen Factory
1609 Chase Avenue (45223) — Northside

Conscious Kitchen
4516 Clifton Avenue (45219) — Clifton


Picnic and Pantry
1400 Republic Street (45202) — Over-the-Rhine


Coffee Emporium
110 E. Central Parkway (45202) — Over-the-Rhine
3316 Eerie Avenue (45208) — Hyde Park
301 E. 4th Street (45202) — Downtown
Gallagher Student Center / Williams College of Business — Xavier University

Info found here

Pubs/Breweries/European Fair / A bit of everything

Liberty’s Bar+Bottle – CARRY-OUT BEER + VINO

 Northside Yacht Club

-Fri & Sat Nights Only. Call in and pick it up on the back bar.

6 Smoked Wings or plate or Vegan Cauli Wings $10

homemade sauces:
Buffalo (V) (GF)
Tangy BBQ (V) (GF)
Sesame Ginger (VE)(GF)
add Nascar (ranch) or Bleu Cheese $1 (V)

Best of Cincinnati Poutine: $10 (V)

Fries $4 (VE)
add local Urban Stead aged cheddar $3 (V)


Capri Sun of Anarchy:
6 oz bag of fresh lavendar lemonade with vodka & a sticker $10

Quart of Peanut Butter Tequila $40

12 Pack Tall Boy PBR $16

12 Pack High life Bottle $16

24 Tall Boy Twisted Teas $30

6 Mystic Mama IPA $10

Crazy Jonny Mix and Match 6 packs $10

Urban artifact 6 packs $10

CALL IN ORDERS @ (513) 541-0528

Senate, Abigail Street, Pontiac BBQ, Forty Thieves, and Holiday Spirits, OTR
The Queen City Hospitality Group is accepting donations to support its employees via GoFundMe.


Gorilla Cinema Daiquiri Bar at Lonely Pine Steakhouse | HELLO KITTY, they have DAIQUIRI’S TO GO.

The Pub Crestview Hills



Goose and Elder –  Amazing Carry-out Gourmet Burgers, Philly Cheesesteak, fries and more!


Catch-a-Fire PizzaPress on MonmouthThe Pub Crestview HillsSteak It Eazy and Incline Smoke Shack

Branch/The Littlefield — The team behind Branch/Nightdrop in East Walnut Hills and The Littlefield/Second Place in Northside will be offering a to-go and delivery menu which will include food, beer and wine. Delivery and pick-up will begin on Tuesday, March 17 and Littlefield will begin offering the same service soon after. “Delivery service is new for us and we trust that our excellent customers will stick with us and be patient as we try something that will help keep many of our hourly staff employed. We will be directly delivering the meals without using a delivery service so that we can control exactly who is handling your meals and where they have been.” Delivery will cost $10 and $1 from every order will be donated to a local nonprofit food bank. Call Branch at 513-221-2702 to place an order. Orders will soon be available at The Littlefield by calling 513-386-7570. 1535 Madison Road, East Walnut Hills; 3934 Spring Grove Ave., Northside.

BrewRiver Creole Kitchen — BrewRiver Creole Kitchen is offering carry-out frmo 4-8 p.m. on Tuesday-Friday and noon-8 p.m. on weekends. Call 513-861-2848 or order online4632 Eastern Ave., East End.


Sammy’s– Offering carry-out! Located in Blue Ash – these burgers will have you forgetting you’ve been home for three weeks. Food coma, anyone?

SENATE – DOGSSSSS – I have this local restaurant’s cookbook at home, and love it.

1212 Vine St
Cincinnati 45202
(513) 421-2020
Silver Grove Dari Bar.

Japps Since 1879– OrderJapp’s Gift Cards !

Brickhouse Pub & Grub

deSha’s Cincinnati

BrewRiver Kitchen at Sonder Brewing— The eatery will be offering carry-out noon-7 p.m. daily. BrewRiver is inside the brewery and Sonder is also offering six-packs, four-packs and buy-two-get-one-free crowlers for pick-up. Sonder is also offering beer delivery. Guests can order by calling at 513-601-8328 or online at Duke Blvd, Mason.


The Metropolitan Club They’re open M-F for lunch from 11:30-2. Carry out or curbside. Open to the public during COVID-19

Tickle Pickle

Eli’s BBQ

The Hi-Mark

Lucius Q

More breweries will be added to the list next week- if you see any restaurants, or local businesses that are missing to this list, that offer CARRY-OUT  please e-mail




Sleepy Bee Café, downtown CINCINNATI, OH
Carryout, order online at and pickup at the door

Commonwealth Bistro, Covington, KY
Carryout, order at


For me, fromage is a fucking treat- for all things cheese, I go to THE RHINED

Lil’s Bagels– THIS IS MY SPOT FOR ALL THE BAGELS. I can walk here from our COV house.

 Brown Bear Bakery  Build a Box – the website is still open with a lot of great sweet and savories! Order online and pick up at the bakery to go door 🐻🧡

Please have the first and last name on your order in hand and visible when you arrive. You can have it written out, typed on your phone, show us your id, get creative! We look forward to baking and providing for you! New walk through pickup video is in today’s stories and please don’t hesitate with questions! 🐻♥️

Half Day Cafe

B&A Street Kitchen, OTR
Walk-up window service, carryout, and delivery via DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub

The Bagelry, OTR
Carryout, delivery via UberEats and DoorDash

Chako Bakery Cafe

Buckabee Brownies, Blue Ash
Curbside pickup of orders placed at (513) 815-6641.

Little Flour Baked Goods

The Cheesecakery

Muse Cafe

The Poutine Machine

Baladi Restaurant and Bakery— Baladi will be open for take-out and catering, as well as a buffet for folks to fill to-go boxes. 3307 Clifton Ave., Clifton.


Boomtown Biscuits + Whiskey

HOT BISCUITS – HELL YES! Their menu this time around is much different so please take a second and look over it before submitting orders.

Orders must be submitted through email- Orders sent through any other source may not be verified.

Again payment will go through Venmo! But please do not submit payment until you have received a confirmation email back! Payment will be made to Christian @Theafrochef on Venmo

Orders can be placed from now until tomorrow (Thursday 4/16/20) at 5 PM!

Pick-up is this Saturday 4/18/20 from 12:00pm-3:00pm

As promised they are giving a special gift away to one of our prospectors,
Coleen Vogelgesang🎉 Congratulations! Your homemade sausage gravy won our hearts❤️ You can pick your gift up this Saturday during the Pre-Sale!

Now to the good stuff🤗

Boomtown fresh baked drop Biscuits

Signature Biscuit-
Dozen- $15.00
Half Dozen $8.00

Cheddar Bae and Bacon Biscuit-
Dozen- $18.00
Half Dozen $10.00

Boomtown Biscuit Mix- $ 7.00
This mix comes with instructions on how to make your very own Boomtown Biscuits! Each mix (if directions are followed) makes a dozen! We have a limited amount so email quickly.

Butters, Jam, Jelly oh my!- $5.00
Honey Butter
Black and Blue Jam
Ginger Jam
Pineapple Serrano Jelly
Chipotle Bacon Jam
Tomato Sage Jam

House Pickles- $7

Even more Special stuff🤯

Uncle Nearest Gold Fashioned-$12.00 (Togo)
The first 8 people to purchase this get a complimentary Uncle Nearest Rocks Glass.

“Risk it for the Biscuit”- $20.00 each

“Body By Biscuit”- $20.00

A donation from t- shirt and tank sales will go to the LEE Initiative to help our friends and family in the service industry❤

Del Gardo’s

Allez Bakery // Here Tuesday-Saturday 8a-3p! Feel free to call ahead and place something on hold!  513-381-6700

Blue Oven Bakery  Look ahead to your weekend bread needs! Go to and get your preorders in for @findlaymarket and the @hydeparkfarmersmarket! #BlueOven #shoplocal

O Pie O

$$ · Dessert Shop
1527 Madison Rd, Cincinnati 45206

Del Gardo’s –YUP THEY DO CARRY-OUT You want s’more of this? You got it! They are spreading s’more love this week their S’more Cannoli! ⁠

⁠ Press on Monmouth

Pop’s Donut Shop!

Call 859-300-3456 to place your cannoli order! This week we’re offering Almond Joy, Cookies and Cream, S’mores, Chocolate Chip, and Pistachio! ⁠

Southern Grace Cincy


Marcella’s Doughnuts & Bakery – Call for hours (513) 843-4338

Oliver’s Desserts

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 3.46.13 AM.png



Libby’s Southern Comfort

Taste the World in Cincy Catering &Spices

The Phoenix

Kitchen 1883

Taste of Belgium Their signature Waffle & Chicken is available in both single and family entree sizes for carryout and delivery by calling 513.396.5800!

Sweets & Meats BBQ – Carry Out, Catering & Food Truck

Ari & Mia’s Small Town Cafe — Ari & Mia’s is open for carryout orders. Call 513-975-1003 to place your orders. 6856 State Route 128, Miamitown.

Deeper Roots — Both locations of Deeper Roots Coffee — Oakley and Findlay Market — are offering full-service coffee for carry out as well as pastries and toasts from Sixteen Bricks. Bags of fresh-roasted coffee are also available. 3056 Madison Road, Oakley; 1814 Race St., Over-the-Rhine.



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AMERICA // Social Distancing + Quarantine time


89951617_2884913834888798_2858453262661582848_o.jpgIn a world of reality TV, social platforms, apps, podcasts, celebrities, online debates, and influencers, the one thing I want to convey as a blogger right now to my readers, is not the latest hair trend this week, but that our world is in a blanket of a pandemic, and that we as humanity and as a whole need to stay quarantined, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.   COVID-19 doesn’t care if you’re a boomer or a millennial, what religion, what class, what sex, what race, if you’re family members, it doesn’t care what music you listen to, how above it you think you are, what you have been through, what ivy league you went to,  what your favorite team is, or what fashions you wear. COVID-19 will attack your respiratory system if you do not self-quarantine and practice social distancing. Our medical field  will not be equipped to handle the numbers of those infected if we do not start waking up and taking the necessary steps to flatten the curve.

So, yes I got your attention with an aesthetically pleasing posed picture, but the revolution will not be televised, as Gil Scott Heron once said, and even if it is televised and not sensationalized, people still have their eyes closed.  Also, quarantine time doesn’t mean pure loneliness, many forget that most of us were glued to our phones when society first only associated the words “corona” with the Mexican lager. If you are looking for activities,  i’ll be posting lists of things to do and watch on this blog and our other social media platforms. Read books, cook, and just know that studies do show by following the precautions listed, and insisted by our governor, we can lower the number of those infected.

I do not want to see my city, the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, once a boom-town, turn into a ghost town, like the song by the Specials. I know this city, and I know when COVID-19 is ready to tumbleweed the hell out of the wild Midwest, our city will be there to support all of our small businesses.

I just hope our government will have the same love for our small business owners, as it does for wallstreet. One can hope, it is an apocalypse right, anything can happen.

( Immense sarcasm).

2020 has also been a year where we have both opened VADA GALLERY, a life long “American” dream, and like many other small business owners, we have now moved our sales of our entire art collection online, to help flatten the curve.  Every single person in this world is affected in one way or another by this pandemic. I personally have a brother whom is a doctor in DC/Baltimore with a specialty in infectious diseases, and sister in law whom is also a doctor in the DC/Baltimore area, as well as a cousin whom is a teacher, wife, and mother with twin boys there as well.  My best friend will spend the next three weeks in quarantine 24/7, in San Francisco and LA, with another friend sick and unable to receive any diagnosis because of the lack of COVID-19 tests in Denver,CO. I have family members all over the country and world, just like everyone else. I have seen countless friends lose their jobs in the restaurant world and beyond. I personally spent my early twenties living and studying art history in Florence, Italy and studied and and lived in Tours, France. I have watched these beloved countries where I found parts of my soul, fully be torn apart with death. I have watched and listened to journalists who in the midst of this epidemic, which fastly turned into a pandemic, tirelessly fight to give the mass public what we have the right to know, and that is the truth.

I think the world is hurting on an entire vibe level that was unknown to some, until now. We are all hurting as one, we are fleeing to our homes, to shelter, to safety from COVID-19.  Let’s hope and trust we will find a vaccine for COVID-19 and not treat it is as a race to the fucking moon, but as a way to band together to save humanity.


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