The Holidays in Picture //

My birthday week is next week! I feel like everything that I have been manifesting has come into fruition and fast. Between juggling the new bebe, remodeling our old Kentucky home, and also having VADA GALLERY up and running, I have been in a whirlwind of go go go. One thing that I have made sure to do during this fast paced time, is document each moment through pictures. All of our little and big milestones have snapshots documenting each detail along the way, with the bebe, house, writing the cookbook, and gallery in motion, I do not want to forget any of it. In a very “reel” forward world, videos are getting pushed, but I can’t help but think, what will happen to those videos when our little one will be older. For no fear of aging myself, I remember looking at slideshows on a projector with actual slides to find glimpses of the past in generations. So as I still create videos and reels, and yes even dive into the world of tik tok, I am very much sending photos to our local store to be printed, or made into books. Below are some of the pictures from our Holidays, Christmas and New Year that I will include in our photo books. So here is my question to you. Are you printing out pictures still, even if the “reel” trend is bigger than any icloud storage space we could ever imagine? Well I am. Call me old school, but as my great aunt Vada in the south would say, I like “making pictures”.

Peace + Love,


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