Recipe Roundup // V’s 20 Favorite Halloween Desserts

We are 6 days away from our delivery 🤰🍁due date and I have been nesting, nesting, nesting. With that, comes making ahead a couple dinners for when the Bebe arrives. However, I thought I may as well toss in some of my favorite Halloween goodies to make ahead this week as well, for treats after a long day. Featured below are some of my favorite Halloween or Fall inspired devilishly delicious recipes.

Peace + Love,


  1. Milk Chocolate Stuffed Jack-O’-Lantern Cookies (Featured above)

2. Monster Oatmeal Chocolate cookie Bars

3. Spooky Halloween White Chocolate Candy Bark

4. Chocolate Halloween Peanut Butter goodness Bark

5. Spooky Boo Brownies

6. Pumpkin Smore Cookie Bars

7. Halloween Chex Mix Muddy Buddies

8. Halloween Chocolate Spider Webs

9. Spider Cupcakes

10. Pumpkin Smore Cookies

11. Vanilla Chai Pumpkin Latte Cupcakes with Cinnamon Brown Sugar Frosting

12. Cinnamon Sugar Apple Butter Pie

13. Pumpkin Cake Roll

14. Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll

15. Pumpkin Bread

16. Brown Butter Pecan Cookies

17. Vegan Chocolate Layer Skull Cake

18. Pumpkin Pie Crisp


20. Spider Cookies

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