Local Spotlight // North South Baking Co.

I am spoiled, I am spoiled with all of the brilliant boutiques, bakeries, witchy stores, and restaurants opening up in the Covington, Kentucky area. The newest of bakeries to enrich our neighborhood is North South Baking Co. Butter is a friend of mine, and thankfully North South Baking Co. is also a lover of the gorgeous creamy spread. If you’re looking for buttery, flaky, layered goodness of danish,croissants, and more, plus fresh breads, head to this bakery.

Knowing where our food comes from and its history is very important and also interesting to me. Not only does supporting our local farmers and botanists, revitalize the community around us economically, it also enriches our community through our pallets and hearts. By supporting local farmers and actually understanding where our food comes from, you in return are appreciating yourself, your family, and your neighbors as well as their businesses, which why would you not want to enrich the community you live in or visit. You literally can taste the difference between a freshly picked fruit compared to a frozen fruit, a loaf of bread that has been shipped and packaged for thousands of miles, and a loaf of bread that was baked fresh, with grain locally sourced, that very morning. Realistically and unfortunately not everyone has access to fresh fruits and grains, the upside is however that North South baking Co. is breaking the narrative and selling quality local produce and grains to all all, even in the city. North South baking co. is setting a new path, one that I hope other fellow Covington, Kentucky residents, and beyond can appreciate. By bringing farm fresh goods to the city and combining local grains, dairy, and produce, and then artfully constructing them into gorgeous pastries, it not only feeds city slickers like myself but also families, so they can have a bite of fresh fruits and grains, so that new memories can be made. Two of my favorite picks right now that take me back to the butter filled memories of Russel Springs, Kentucky and Nantucket, Massachusetts are the Swiss and Ham cheese croissant and blueberry cheesecake danish.

Below are some of the sources for the grains, dairy, and produce used in North South Baking Company’s products.


  • Janie’s Mill Organic Flour,
    Ashkum Illinois

Eggs & Dairy

  • The Egg Shack
  • Swallow Hill Jersey Dairy


  • Beelicious Honey
    Ludlow, KY

Produce Sources

  • Roothouse Aquaponics
    Batavia, OH
  • McGlasson Farms
    Hebron, KY
  • Shady Grove Farm
    Owenton, KY
  • Our Harvest Co Op,
    Cincinnati, OH


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