Local Spotlight // Hierophany & Hedge

I absolutely love living in history filled Covington, Kentucky, and now I have to say I have another reason to love this side of the river. Witches and Wizards and everyone alike, welcome to my favorite shop in all of Covington, Hierophany and Hedge. Covington, Kentucky is full of mystery and magic. From the cobblestone streets, to the ghost filled mansions, lining the tree lined streets. I have been identifying as a witch for years, with my gift and craft honing in on the use of Tarot Cards, which were given to me over fifteen years ago. I am always looking to learn more about the occult, and this shop is the place for it all. As soon as you walk in you are met with the most beautiful woodwork housing everything from books, stones, jewerly, custom wax stamps, tarot cards, pendulums, stones, as well as bulk supplies of candles, incense, crystals, Pharaonic tomb sand, hermetic devices like eclipse reliquaries, and a wide range of off-the-rack and made-to-measure talismans and wands. The owners Augur + Coil, are the most knowledgeable people of the occult, that I have ever met. I encourage all to visit and shop at this amazing establishment. I literally am already planning my next trip back, it does help that Hierophany and Hedge, is within walking distance from our house. So you could definitey say I am one happy witch. Happy Shopping, and I hope to see you there!

Hierophany + Hedge

19 West Pike Street

Covington, Kentucky 41011

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