Local Spotlight // 7 Places for Plants + Le Fleurs

I have always loved seeing the origin of where our food comes from, learning about the amount of science, community, and labor that goes into each flower, each vegetable, each herb, and getting to know the people that help make our outdoor and indoor spaces a bit brighter. The longer that I live in the city, however, I find myself even more appreciative of all that goes into our local fresh produce and gorgeous stems. I grew up going to greenhouses and florists like Rahns, and Adrian Durbans, and I even worked on a pumpkin and tomato farm a couple Summers back. I did it to study a bit more in depth the root of where our food comes from, to know the hard work that goes into it, and to bring me a bit closer to nature. I will tell you one thing, working in the hot sun, picking tomatoes, will definitely make you appreciate your produce and flowers the next time you walk into a farmers market, grocery store, florist, or nursery. Below are 7 places for plants and le fleurs. The list of greenhouses and florists to visit this Season will keep on growing throughout the Summer – but how brilliant is it to see and know that even after a crazy year like 2020, the blooms still keep growing.

  1. White Oak nursery
  2. Fern Shop
  3. Adrian Durbans
  4. eve floral co
  5. AJ Rahn Greenhouses
  6. Funke’s Greenhouses
  7. Kist Gardens + Greenhouses

Peace + Love,

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