Local Spotlight // Covington, Kentucky

Libby’s Southern Comfort // Covington, Kentucky
Amera Asia – Covington, Kentucky

We have lived in this house in Covington, Kentucky built in 1850, on a cobblestone no outlet road, in the licking River District of Covington, one block from mainstrausse, for over two years. Covington is full of haunting beauty +  charm, combined with delicious new and classic eats, perfect for this spooky Fall season. I’ve compiled a list of restaurants, shops, and coffee shops to definitely help support this Holiday season, especially during the pandemic. As the colder months get closer, we need to keep supporting our local  businesses so they can thrive and see the Spring  . I’ll also be featuring Cincinnati, Ohio starting with local spotlights neighborhood by neighborhood, over the next couple of months. Get ready for mouth-watering pictures, with links, taking you directly to their website. With the streets being filled in with patio tables due to COVID-19 restrictions, I feel a sense of community and even a tourism resurgence. We are all wanting a slice of pecan pie, but from a team who knows our name, instead of contributing to a big corporation chain, who is already getting bail out money, and not even trying to give back – by using locally sourced produce, grain, or meats. Our town is showing up for small businesses, whom create delicious memorable and  innovative cuisines, whom have kept our spirits up and our bellies filled, while upholding social distancing + and mask ordinances. That my friends is evolving, and that is why Covington to me really has TRUE GRIT.

Lils Bagels Covington, Kentucky

The food scene, over the past five years, has really flourished in Covington, Kentucky and it is one of the main reasons why I moved here. While still paying tribute to Kentucky classics, like the hot brown, brilliant tacos are in the mix in the COV, with updated swanky cocktails, fried chicken, deviled eggs, oysters from Rich’s Proper,  Sexy spice levels from Amera Asia, double burgers from Herb + Thelma’s, and fried green tomatoes from Libby’s.  Other notable places to have drinks are The Hannaford, where you will find the craft cocktails + Ripple- a vino bar, for those wanting their bit of Kentucky in a stemmed glass. Order a bourbon from the Bourbon Haus located on Main Street in Covington, KY for a dim lit romantic time, and let’s take a bloody bite into this under the radar, delicious city. My vote is to keep an eye on Covington, Kentucky + Cincinnati, Ohio. Our Covington mornings consist of walking through the cobblestone streets, crisp leaves under our boots, with our pup Jade, bundling up to walk to the Roebling bridge to stroll around the river with the bridge peeking through the fog. The choice on where to walk to pick up coffee begins around every corner. Checks out Lil’s bagels for breakfast or lunch – the Chixa is my favorite on the menu. Only two block from our house, please, for your taste buds – try the Matcha chocolate donuts and other baked goods at Haven Cafe (also a spa coming soon), the newest to arrive ( whom have partnered with Charnies Doughnuts who make vegan donuts + @brown bear bakery-a favorite of mine also located in OTR Cincinnati,OH). Our most frequented coffee destination has to be the Roebling bookstore, enter in smelling the aroma of ground coffee beans and rows and rows of books from room to room, in this 5 room bookstore. My favorite nook is the room with the fireplace, holding the entire collection of Alice and wonderland and more classics around the corner from the coffee counter.

Haven Cafe – Covington, Kentucky

You most definitely will find a wonderful collection of the latest books and gifts, for children and adults here. Another favorite coffee house of mine is the Left Bank Coffee House. It is one of my favorite places to lace up and walk to in the winter time, when it’s snowing. They have a walk up window, which is perfect for social distancing, but also it’s great for if we want to take our pup for a walk to get coffee, I also always adore how they decorate for the holidays . Also check out Chako Bakery Cafe, located on Main Street, chako has mastered Culinary skills at LE CORDON BLEU and IL PLEUR SUR. Not only offering gorgeous hand made and natural baking processes with unique Japanese ingredients and fresh produce from local farmers, served with the Japanese hospitality concept  “omotenashi”, they also offer dinner events! I love walking passed the 19th century stately homes with tree lined streets and murals everywhere, I’ll never forget meeting the artists, the London Police, while they were in town painting the mural, located on Scott Blv . For lunch and brunch, Cedar Restaurant is one of my favorite NEW brunch spots, along with staple Ottos, Commonwealth,  and my personal favorite, the glamorous, Hotel Covington. There are so many brilliant places to eat right now in Covington that I’ll be breaking this travel guide into two parts, with the second part being posted next Friday. as new restaurants and coffee shops. Now let’s talk about LUNCH, and the opening of Covington Yard.

Covington Yard, Covington, Kentucky

Covington Yard is not only a gorgeous new place for lunch and drinks but it’s also another walkable spot – even from downtown Cincinnati. Walk in to find a yard surrounded by converted containers, a courtyard of lights above the stars. The full bar is gorgeous, with refreshing drinks, but still my favorite part, is most definitely the food filled converted containers and eventually music space. I met with David Chao of Yard Bird, to see the spot when it first opened, and  I have been keeping my eye on this place even before I walked into its doors, and it definitely got me excited for the years to come in Covington. Another staple at Covington Yard, Django Western Taco. With over 20 years of experience, Chef Joshua Campbell, is bringing his talents to Kentucky, along with Mr. Bulgogi, offering Korean BBQ, vegetable + beef dumplings. Which brings me to another restaurant in Covington , from the same owner, the great Riverside Korean Restaurant. Check that place out for amazing ramen. Another absolute favorite of mine, is KungFood Chu’s AmerAsia – all within walking distance from our house. The spicy levels are definitely tantalizing and crazy to say, but also euphoric at times. If you’re looking for the latest in looks –  Check out native ( a boutique also within walking from Haven cafe and more. Another place I love is Hail Dark Aesthetics, where I can find my witchy records or tarot  cards. Looking for authentic tacos? Check out my personal favorite Gutierrez Deli where you will find mole, tamales, the biggest quesadillas and more as well as Frida whom is the owner as their newest concept The Standard- which is located in a 1930 updated glam garage. While walking around, you will see the city of Covington really in a different light, each time of the day and night. The history here is golden through its architecture and food scene, let’s keep it alive by supporting local. I’ll spend the rest of my night looking at the fog covered night sky. Come visit; it’s a devilish good food town time. 

Cedar // Covington, Kentucky
Cedar // Covington, Kentucky
LeftBank Coffee House
Rich’s Proper // Covington, Kentucky
Libby’s Southern Comfort // Covington, Kentucky
Otto’s // Covington, Kentucky
Dee Felice Cafe // Covington, Kentucky

Check the blog next week for the second installment on this hidden haunting gem of a city, Covington, Kentucky.

Peace + Love,


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