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A couple months ago, a dream of mine came true, we opened an art gallery.


VADA Gallery Owners Virginia Blair and Franz Diedling, gladly have been in the art + music world for years. Virginia has been an art dealer and art historian for over 10 years. She has represented artists both globally and locally. With a background in Art History from SACI College of Art & Design, located in Florence, Italy, to education in Tours, France, BGSU, as well as completing studies at the University of Oxford in the UK for Art History, a dream of owning an art gallery has finally become a reality. She partnered with local music and avid art lover + promoter, Franz Diedling, to mesh the love of arts. Franz Diedling grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, he then moved to LA for ten years where he did music promotion, a variety of jobs, and event planning. He found himself back in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio where he is currently a music promoter, taproom manager, and jack of all trades at Fretboard Brewing Company. His love of arts and entrepreneurship, Virginia’s knowledge of the art history and the art world, have led to the creation of Vada Gallery. Vada Gallery is a place for the latest exhibits, new and seasoned artists (all mediums welcome), and live music.

This past weekend we celebrated the Summer Exhibit BLOOM, Featuring Artists Amanda Reed+Katie Jaeger at VADA GALLERY.

  // We had a great turn out, everyone was safe, creative vibes were flowing, and the live painting was LIVE 🔥🔥🔥 We will continue to present to you amazing art locally, nationally, and internationally. 🌸Keep creating // This 🎨🎨🎨exhibit will be up for a month ✨ To view, visit us during gallery hours ( ) or schedule a private showing by calling 513.259.7446 ✨💫




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Our Summer Exhibit, running for a month, features local collaborative artists Amanda Reed (photographer) and Katie Jaeger (painter). BLOOM is a mixed media collaboration made up of photography, acrylic paint, and nature elements cast in epoxy resin. The intention for the collection is to create space for women to share their stories, create visual imagery around those stories, and celebrate the divine feminine nature in all of us.
Amanda Reed (photographer) and Katie Jaeger (painter) have been friends for over 15 years. The BLOOM series started as a conversation, an idea to combine their two retrospective art forms. Over a year later and BLOOM has completely transformed into something larger then themselves. What they found was women were craving the opportunity to have their stories heard. When women share their stories in a vulnerable way, healing occurs. Katie and Amanda are inspired by the stories in the hearts of women, their journeys, their trials and tribulations and to celebrate all those things through the BLOOM series.

BLOOM has expanded and is now open for commissions. Are you interested in being turned into a work of art? Email-

We ask everyone to wear masks upon entrance to the gallery. If you do not have a mask, no worries, we can provide one to you.

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