AMERICA // Social Distancing + Quarantine time


89951617_2884913834888798_2858453262661582848_o.jpgIn a world of reality TV, social platforms, apps, podcasts, celebrities, online debates, and influencers, the one thing I want to convey as a blogger right now to my readers, is not the latest hair trend this week, but that our world is in a blanket of a pandemic, and that we as humanity and as a whole need to stay quarantined, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.   COVID-19 doesn’t care if you’re a boomer or a millennial, what religion, what class, what sex, what race, if you’re family members, it doesn’t care what music you listen to, how above it you think you are, what you have been through, what ivy league you went to,  what your favorite team is, or what fashions you wear. COVID-19 will attack your respiratory system if you do not self-quarantine and practice social distancing. Our medical field  will not be equipped to handle the numbers of those infected if we do not start waking up and taking the necessary steps to flatten the curve.

So, yes I got your attention with an aesthetically pleasing posed picture, but the revolution will not be televised, as Gil Scott Heron once said, and even if it is televised and not sensationalized, people still have their eyes closed.  Also, quarantine time doesn’t mean pure loneliness, many forget that most of us were glued to our phones when society first only associated the words “corona” with the Mexican lager. If you are looking for activities,  i’ll be posting lists of things to do and watch on this blog and our other social media platforms. Read books, cook, and just know that studies do show by following the precautions listed, and insisted by our governor, we can lower the number of those infected.

I do not want to see my city, the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, once a boom-town, turn into a ghost town, like the song by the Specials. I know this city, and I know when COVID-19 is ready to tumbleweed the hell out of the wild Midwest, our city will be there to support all of our small businesses.

I just hope our government will have the same love for our small business owners, as it does for wallstreet. One can hope, it is an apocalypse right, anything can happen.

( Immense sarcasm).

2020 has also been a year where we have both opened VADA GALLERY, a life long “American” dream, and like many other small business owners, we have now moved our sales of our entire art collection online, to help flatten the curve.  Every single person in this world is affected in one way or another by this pandemic. I personally have a brother whom is a doctor in DC/Baltimore with a specialty in infectious diseases, and sister in law whom is also a doctor in the DC/Baltimore area, as well as a cousin whom is a teacher, wife, and mother with twin boys there as well.  My best friend will spend the next three weeks in quarantine 24/7, in San Francisco and LA, with another friend sick and unable to receive any diagnosis because of the lack of COVID-19 tests in Denver,CO. I have family members all over the country and world, just like everyone else. I have seen countless friends lose their jobs in the restaurant world and beyond. I personally spent my early twenties living and studying art history in Florence, Italy and studied and and lived in Tours, France. I have watched these beloved countries where I found parts of my soul, fully be torn apart with death. I have watched and listened to journalists who in the midst of this epidemic, which fastly turned into a pandemic, tirelessly fight to give the mass public what we have the right to know, and that is the truth.

I think the world is hurting on an entire vibe level that was unknown to some, until now. We are all hurting as one, we are fleeing to our homes, to shelter, to safety from COVID-19.  Let’s hope and trust we will find a vaccine for COVID-19 and not treat it is as a race to the fucking moon, but as a way to band together to save humanity.



Spend this “quarantine time” not just making a  coined drink, but think of it as a time to work on anything you have ever wanted, that you did not have time to do before. I plan on working on getting all the pieces online for VADA GALLERY, finishing my cookbook, getting in the best shape of my life, and also I have learned how important it is to have empathy. I have seen so many adults turn into children when really we need them to be strong tree trunks. With the entire world hurting, we also need to stop the racism which is going on STILL during this pandemic. We are all humans, fighting to survive. During this quarantine time, I’ve learned to also play dress up again💕, thus the look at the very top of this post. This look is brought to you by my bender with the show Schitt’s Creek 😂❤️I’ve learned to embrace a lot the last couple of days. I’ve always loved to write 🖊 , but writing for a cause instead of lipstick, is what I’ve really wanted to do. I’ve found I’ve missed my vast love for reading, my conversations with my auntie, more family members and friends, and I now have time to finish my cookbook with my honey and pup. 💫 Our small businesses of VADA Gallery and HUE YOGA are adapting to bring art and yoga to your homes ONLINE during this time. For those looking for Quarantine Activities – VADA Gallery will release an AT HOME WEEKLY MOVIE🎥 LIST🎨💫 every Tuesday on our insta and @vadagallery_ Facebook page 🎥

Before double majoring in art history and cultural studies (to deal art around the world 🌎) , I was a film major 🍿The movies picked by the VADA GALLERY team 🎨each week🍿 are both new and old. We hope to keep helping to entertain,enlighten, and inspire those interested in film 🍿🎥and art history🎨 while having quarantine time❤️. This weeks movie list is:
1.The Constant Gardener
5.A Ballerina’s Tale
6.Honey Boy
7.City of God
8.Uncut Gems
9.Some Like it Hot
10.JOJo Rabbit
11.The Red Violin
12.Rocket Man


Peace + Love,





Want to help out our small business? VADA GALLERY Gift cards 💫will be available for purchase from VADA GALLERY online this upcoming Saturday on our website. You can put our gift cards towards any purchase of an art piece, an art appraisal, or if you just want to help our small business stay alive at this time. 🎨

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