Local Spotlight // Destiny of Desire at Playhouse in the Park


I have always loved the Arts community in Cincinnati, Ohio and I absolutely adore it even more with the opening of Destiny of Desire, a dramatic stage play comedy and homage to Latin American soap operas playing at Playhouse in the Park FEB. 29 – MARCH 28, 2020   |  This melodramatic,hilarious, passionate, well written play, brings to the stage and audience, comical soap opera takes on classism, mother daughter relationships, love, coming of age, sorrow, loss, betrayal, lust, secrets, more, secrets, and ( look back and forth) even more secrets. I have to say with a much deserved standing ovation, Destiny of Desire is the best play I have seen in years. Even if you didn’t grow up watching telenovelas, this play will make you full belly laugh. With wonderful comedic outlandish scenes, to highlighting topics that need to have a spotlight in this country and beyond, this play still holds the audience’s attention, captivating and intriguing, with jaw dropping dramatic hilarious twists with shock and aw scenes. Needless to say, my loud laugh came out in the Marx Theater that night, but thankfully it was matched with simultaneous roars of laughter and enlightenment from my fellow play goers.

This largely Lantinx cast, Directed by JOsÉ Luis Valenzuela , with playwright by Karen Zacarias, is a switched-at-birth comedy full of music and dancing, broken up into two acts. It was beautifully choerographed by Robert Barry Fleming. My eye could not stop moving with  brilliant + fluid set designs by Francois-Pierre Couture, and lighting by Pablo Santiago. The music and solos amid this wonderful team was simpatico for all things that make for a terrific performance from all aspects of the production. This piece light hearted and enthralling is really needed in our country at this moment in time. This play is full of social, cultural and political issues that literally play out and enfold. Destiny of Desire AWAKENS the audience. Buy your tickets today! 


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More about Destiny Of Desire + to PURCHASE TICKETS // CLICK HERE 

Photo Cred: Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

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