Empowering Wednesdays // Daisy Jane’s Flower Truck


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Welcome to my new favorite mobile garden in the city, Daisy Jane’s Flower Truck. I love to spotlight women business owners and those making a difference  in our tri-state and beyond,  and just had to tell my readers about this perfectly curated flower truck popping up all over the city. I found Daisy’s Flower Truck on instagram, and instantaneously fell in love with the business, the flowers, the truck, and I knew our city house needed a bit of floral accompaniment for Spring. When you visit Daisy Jane’s Flower Truck you’ll have the opportunity to pick out your own flowers no matter what variation and of course converse with the owner Megan Moore, who is  literally the nicest woman you will ever meet. I found the Daisy Jane’s flower truck nestled in Fountain Square in Downtown Cincinnati, and with concrete everywhere a bit of green in the midst of the city chaos is all I wanted for the morning; that and a cup of coffee. If you’re not feeling especially creative that day, the owner can gladly and artistically hand pick each bloom, so that you leave with a stupendous and unique bouquet for you or a loved one. Wanting to know where you can find the Daisy Jane Flower Truck?


Monday: 8AM-12PM at Coffee Emporium on Central Parkway in OTR


Tuesday: 11AM-1:30PM “Market on the Square” on Fountain Square (starting April 2)


Wednesday: A Village Gift Shop at The Century House in Glendale


Thursday: 3-8PM Alley Boutique in Downtown Loveland 


Friday: 9AM-1PM Harvest Market in Old Milford


Friday: 4-7PM Country Fresh Farm Market & Wine Depot on Vine St. in Hartwell


Saturday & Sunday: TBA on social media –

Follow Daisy Jane’s Flower Truck  –

Want to rent the truck for your next party, wedding or event? Daisy Jane’s Flower Truck can help you have some fun building bouquets or flower crowns! Would you love for Daisy Jane to make a stop at your office to treat your employees to beautiful bouquets? Head on over to our events page and give us a shout!  


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