Local Spotlight // Sacred Beast OTR


Fluffy Perfect Pancakes, brilliant Turmeric chicken, maple glazed pork belly, scrumptious eggs, chicken liver mousse, and more. Sacred Beast, open in the historic Over-The-Rhine, is another new restaurant where you will definitely see me engulfing in late night eats, cocktails, afternoon brunches, and more cocktails. Not only is this restaurant another amazing addition to our culinary scene, the decor and aesthetics of this restaurant have literally upped the ante for future downtown restauranteurs, and has also inspired me to make a couple phone calls to some film maker friends, as this restaurant is a perfect location for a movie. I mean, I felt like a movie star while just dining there. 

So, let’s talk about the FOOD. Usually late night eats in this city skim the old lovely drunken food classics (which I still adore). However, Sacred Beast’s late night eats include a bit of simple foods executed into decadence even at 11PM (which I more than adore). In fact, one of the main reasons why I love this place so much is because the kitchen is open so late with items on the menu you usually wouldn’t see when dining during witching hours in the Midwest. 

My favorite on the menu right now is the Diner Breakfast, soft scrambled eggs, maple glazed pork belly and ricotta pancakes. Paired of course with my current drink of Choice – The Sidecar, (Robert Vermier 1922) Cognac, Grand Marnier, Bitters, Simple Lime, OTR.  We ordered another side of the maple glazed pork belly (because it was that good) as well as the Tumeric chicken thighs with marinated cucumbers. We also ordered the chicken liver mousse, salty butter with parsley. I first fell in love with chicken liver mousse when I was living in Florence, Italy when I ordered it by accident in this little town called Fiesole. Sacred Beast’s chicken liver mousse rivals that of my experience across the big pond and brings back a rush of memories. Late night decadent eats in Italy is more the norm and a ritual that I am proud to say Cincinnati is starting to adopt and follow. 

The eats, curation of menus, and attention to detail that owners Chef Jeremy and Bridget Lieb and their team are creating, plus sick music, and a gorgeous ambience, makes me want to eat here every chance I can get, and you should too.  Also, did I mention the teles in the restaurant have cartoons such as Looney Tunes streaming on repeat, that’s right I said it.

Tip // Try and sit at Chef table/bar section, even if a booth is available. Watch Sacred Beast tame your hunger and watch masters in action.

Enjoy and I will see you there!






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>>> Sacred Beast Menu // Official Website 

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