Local Spotlight // TOKYO KITTY OPENING


The Gorilla Cinemas Presents has created magic once again and has completely succeeded in putting Cincinnati on a first class flight straight to Tokyo, year 3001.  Tokyo Kitty,  is not only the chicest Karaoke bar, it is also the most futuristic spot I have ever been to in the United States. There is even a robot called Bbot that delivers your drinks + food! (Follow Bbot on Instagram @meetbbot) Gorilla Cinemas team has imagined and delivered results that have by far exceeded my wildest dreams. As soon as you walk into Tokyo Kitty, you are met with airport decor preparing you for the trip to a neo-Tokyo Japanese style karaoke bar. Tokyo Kitty is complete with seven uniquely themed private karaoke rooms, a beautiful sleek bar,  brilliant cocktails, wonderful staff, a DJ, bottle service, and for the major rockstars out there, you can even perform in the main room where the bar is located.

Through two doors, the magic and transportation takes place, and when entering  you are met with beautiful lighting and decor that further transports you into the future. The creatives have thought of every detail. My jaw literally dropped to the floor when we entered the main room as well as the private rooms. The whole night everyone kept saying “I feel like we are in a large city, is this Cincinnati?”

Well yes readers, this is Cincinnati, and thanks to Jacob Trevino and Katie Friaser, the creative direction they and their team have accomplished further places Cincinnati on the map as a boomtown city.

I had a serious fright to sing in front of anyone except for my very close friends (I get serious stage fright, odd I know coming from me), but when I entered one of the private rooms at Tokyo Kitty, I looked up a Bill Whither’s song on the iPad, ordered a drink from the robot, Bbot, and because the surroundings and people were so amazing, I felt comfortable enough to sing my little heart out. I ended up singing four songs and two duets. Tokyo Kitty brings out the inner star in everyone. Also, did I mention little cat figurines are perfectly placed all throughout the bar, and one of the private rooms is complete with pink bobbed wigs, in a nod to the movie Lost in translation. My favorite part of Tokyo Kitty, literally everything.

The staff truly makes you feel like a star, and if ordering a drink from the robot isn’t for you, the artists behind the bar create even more magic.  I  had the Kumamon house special, which was absolutely delicious. The drink was a lemongrass infused tequila, with lime, passion fruit, hibiscus, cordial, and ginger beer. My other favorite cocktail was the Uniqulo, a cucumber infused vodka midori + velvet falernum blend, with lemon, and soda.

The location, the team, the vibes, the decor, the drinks, the technology, and of course the singing, make Tokyo Kitty THE spot to be at right now! I hope to see all of you karaoke stars at Tokyo Kitty, opening up Friday, February 9th! 27999657_10105422261631230_695843305_o.jpg

27783110_10105422290044290_43682310_n.jpg        27846345_10105422290443490_872479860_o-1.jpg

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Tokyo Kitty // Click here for Official Tokyo Kitty Website 


575 Race Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
email: katie@gorillacinemapresents.com




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