Local Spotlight // Brown Bear Bakery


unnamed-11Looking for the bakery known in the city for their brilliant cinnamon buns, cakes, muffins, and savory pastries? Head to Brown Bear Bakery in the historic Over the Rhine, located at 116 E. 13th Street.  I have been awaiting the opening of Brown Bear Bakery and completely swooned over every cake, muffin, tart, and more. I was completely in awe of how gorgeously curated everything was, and as we entered my mind was on overload. I wanted to try everything. I am a sucker for everything design in all aspects. The bakery is so very fresh and inviting, it really showcases Brown Bear Bakery’s pure culinary art. When Saturday morning came, I jumped out of bed and got ready to head to the bakery for a chance to try the coveted gooey orange zest topped cinnamon bun. We were able to grab a cinnamon bun as well as their coffee cake. After ordering, we ate outside in what may actually be one of my favorite coffee spots in the city right now. We more than enjoyed the coveted cinnamon buns. They really are the most delicious cinnamon buns I believe I have ever had.



Brown Bear Bakery baker and owner Blair Fornshell, and partner Chaske Haverkos, who handles the business end of Brown Bear,  are more than paving the way with the brick and mortar, Brown Bear Bakery, in this culinary town. When Justin and I first approached Brown Bear Bakery, a scene from the movie Chocolat came to mind. Chocolat a swoon worthy food enthusiast guilty pleasure of mine admittedly. Directed by Lasse Hallström, Chocolat, is a film set in a small village in France where the town is purely in awe of its new shop, and the marvelous amounts of flavors that end up filling the cites soul as well as their bellies.  Brown Bear Bakery brings about that same amount of excitement and magic, packaged in either a sweet or savory.  Again I have more than anticipated the opening of this bakery, and it has completely lived up to its praise. Still need to be enticed to visit this brilliant bakery? Take a glance at their shortbread with lemon, rosemary, and a tart lemon glaze, or their Brown Sugar Cinnamon Hand Pies, more cinnamon rolls, blueberry crumble pie, brown sugar pop with sourdough crumbs and cinnamon, shallot jalapeño sesame scone, and more on their Instagram page // @BrownbearBakery 



Brown Bear Bakery //

116 E. 13th Street

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Hours | Open W – F at 8:30 and S – S at 10.

For updates and More Check out Brown Bear Bakery on Facebook 






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